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The Team

Gísli Örn Lárusson
Founder & CEO

Gísli Örn Lárusson has had a longstanding successful business career, including being the CEO of Skandia Iceland and Director of Skandia Norden. He has founded & chaired over twenty companies internationally, including lifestyle centres.

Gísli has committed to make his vision a reality, devoting his time and energy to create a life-changing supplement, based on experience from both his personal and corporate environments.  

Jatin Thakkar
Manager for Production and Development

Jatin Thakkar is the founder and CEO of Gelnova Laboratories, Mumbai. A leading international lab and a production facility that manufactures on behalf of pharmaceuticals and nutrition companies worldwide. Gelnova now employs over 300 people.

Jatin and his company, Gelnova, are responsible for the quality, testing, and production control of OMNI Cure required in fulfilling all necessary international standards stipulated.

Given his expertise and passion in Drug Delivery Systems, Jatin started developing new formulations and patenting them. His extensive knowledge has led to his direct involvement with OMNI Cure and the unique OMNI ONE product. 

Silvia Cafarelli
Head of Art Direction

Silvia has gained extensive recognition, having worked as director of a leading graphic design company in Italy. Her substantial experience in creative direction, styling and professional photography have been integral to the creation of the OMNI Cure brand. A key player from the very beginning, Silvia continues to lead all style, design and layout.